[Transport] Editorial Reply: N Shore Connector

Glenn A. Walsh siderostat1991 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 8 16:30:34 EDT 2006

Last week, KQV President and General Manager Robert W.
Dickey broadcast another editorial calling for the
abandonment of Pittsburgh's North Shore Connector
rapid transit extension project, which would serve
Pittsburgh's Lower North Side.

Yesterday, I recorded a rebuttal which is airing on
KQV today, Sunday, and Monday. You can read the text
of my rebuttal at these links:


< http://www.kqv.com/editorial_archive.php >

The first link is to the copy of the text on my web
site and is permanent.

Note that the second link includes a copy of the text
of Bob Dickey's original editorial, following the text
of my rebuttal. It seems that the texts on the second
link will only remain on the KQV web site until the
end of the year.

Here are the times I have been told that my rebuttal
will air on KQV-AM 1410 and simultaneously on <
http://www.kqv.com >:

Sat.  07/08
        6:55 a.m.
        8:55 a.m.
        2:25 p.m.
        4:25 p.m.

Sun 07/09
        8:24 a.m.
       11:24 a.m.
        2:24 p.m.
        5:24 p.m.

Mon  07/10
        5:40 a.m
        8:40 a.m.
        11:40 a.m.
        2:56 p.m.
        5:40 p.m.


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